What is SHOCK Sleaford about?

If you or a loved one were unlucky enough to go into Cardiac arrest then you need help as quickly as possible. The sooner your heart gets a shock from a defibrillator unit the more chance you stand of surviving a cardiac arrest with the chances of survival reducing by 10 – 14% with every minute that passes. Our aim is to give Sleaford and the surrounding villages as near to complete defibrillator coverage as possible, this is defined as all populated areas being within 500 metres of a unit.

We have teamed up with EMAS (East Midlands Ambulance Service) and Physio Control (EMAS’s chosen defibrillator supplier) to try and make this happen. The defibrillator units will be the same as those used by EMAS as this speeds up the transfer process of the ambulance crew when one of our units has been used. We are delighted that EMAS will be running training session’s for each unit that is fitted.

Currently there are a few defibrillators in and around Sleaford, do you have any idea where they are? Neither did we, until we started to search for them. These units are only needed in an emergency situation, we all need to be clear where they are and how to use them, information and education are vital to improve any casualty’s chances. We hope to also be able to co-ordinate details of all of the units and provide training for all those who would like it.

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